misc is a simple class that basically just exposes some handy functions. Currently there is only one function, but this is where I will put the others as I create them. Think of it as a namespaced function library.

Parent Class


Static Methods

string randomString( int $length, string $prefix, string $characterPool )
Returns a random string of characters suitable for a strong password, etc.
$length (int) How long of a string you want (including the prefix if any) Default: 64
$prefix (string) A string to prepend to the start of the random string. The length of the prefix is considered when creating the random string. ie: If you specify the string you want to be 20 characters and the prefix is 10 characters, then there will only be 10 more random characters
$characterPool (string) the characters to use in creating the random string Default: ABCDEFGHJKMNPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghjkmnpqrstuvwxyz23456789
a random string of characters